Nicola Tomaso Bettini (1974) born in Bologna, studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara (FAF) and the Aarhus School of Architecture. He graduated in 2000 with Arch.Mario Cucinella and from 1996 to 2006 worked with several professional studios in Italy, Denmark and Portugal: Arch.Massimo Carmassi, SHL Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architecten, PGA Pedro George & Associados, MCA Mario Cucinella Architects. In 2007 he started his own studio based in Bologna. Between 2009 and 2011 he tutored in Technical Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna. The activities of the office are focused on public and private projects, winning important awards in international competitions

The study is concerned with architectural design in all areas, from residential to commercial, from educational buildings to the renovations, from studio apartments to the furniture design. The work is developed through the research and use of innovative technologies, the observation of nature and the study of history. The design approach is structured through the careful coordination of an integrated system of consultancies related to the different disciplines involved in the practice of architecture. The goal is to create original works, appropriate to their function and the customer needs. The projects developed involve different scales of design, from town to product design, from building typology to landscape and environment. The projects aspire to express an ideal of quality and beauty where nature and artifice result in an integrated concept of environmental sustainability

The studio is structured as an open laboratory for projects and competitions with different professional subjects.

So far he has worked together with: Clara Masotti, Stefano Brunelli e Antonio Bandini (StudioDes), Eva Eva Gahan, Stefano Massa, Michele Roveri, Alessia Faggioli, Stefano Morisi, Chrisa Vasilopoulou, Andrea Sperandio, Matteo Pietta, Francesco Fiorani, Carmine Concas, Silvia Dalprato, Paolo Vincenzi, Metin Aydin, Oleg Emelianov, Gabriele Coccia, Andrea Gadani, Stefania Silingardi, Elisa Landini, Francesca Mazzolani, Donata Bori, Luigi Orioli, Debora Venturi, Francesco Naldi, Sara Maldina, Antonio Bertucci, Silvia Scavone.

His work relies on the collaboration of renowned engineering and architecture offices including: Studio Teco+, Studio Arco, Giuseppe Cecinato Engineering, Ing.Massimo Muzioli, Ing.Ferrari s.p.a, Studio associato Cantoni, Politecnica, Prisma Ingegneria, Studio associato Ing.Giuseppe Tascione, Ing.Germano Visentin.

Either alone or in associated form the studio participates in international design competitions gaining major awards:

. First prize for the new primary school of Don Milani Vicchio

. First prize for the new school and sport campus of St. Pietro Viminario

. Winner of the 2011 SAIE Selection in the category Timber

. Second prize for the new school campus of Albino

. Second prize for the new primary school of Comeduno

. Honourable Mention in Solar building DELTA CUP 2009

. Second prize for the new kindergarten of Dolzago

. Honourable Mention for the new boarding school in Malles